Rauma Knitting Pattern Books

Rauma Yarns' Knitting Design Books. You won't believe the wonderful patterns and designs. The books are in Norwegian and include English translations. Take a look at what is inside.

******* All books now include English translations.*******

Set of All Six Raumagarn Pattern Books

Set of Four Books

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LVS - 4 "BUNAD Stromper og Luer"

PT 82 Cover



Bunad stockings and hats. You simply have not seen such a wonderful collection anywhere else!




PT 82 "Selbu Inspirerte"

PT 82 Cover



An amazing collection of mittens, gloves, hats, stockings, socks and headbands.

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RAUMAGARN "Oppskrifter"



Hats, mittens, socks in crisp, fresh Norwegian patterns.




RAUMAGARN "Duo Stromper/Sokker"

$19.50 Order

For the whole family: mittens, gloves, socks, hats and scarves!





RAUMAGARN "Votter og Luer"

$13.50 Order

Mittens and hats in striking, innovative Norwegian designs.





RAUMAGARN "Selbustrikk"

$25.00 Order

Mittens, hats, gloves with rich versions of the most beautiful traditional Norwegian patterns.