Faroe Island Cardigans

Originally Appearing in
Winter 2000/2001


Faroe Island Adult


For Mother & Child

Make a Pair!

Faroese Sweaters are traditional designs engineered for knitting and assembly efficiency.

The sweater proportions are based on percentages of the sweater body circumference. The body is worked in the round from the ribbing to the shoulders in a multiple of the number of stitches in the pattern repeat. The front opening, neckline, and armholes are cut open once the knitting is done.

The child's kit uses Strikkegarn yarn.

Note: Buttons are not included.

This style uses 1/2" buttons. Why not select a beautiful pewter button from our extraordinary button collection.

Adult sizes are in Vamsegarn yarn. Color of kits is med. gray with sheeps white and black accents.

Child's kit is in the same colors but with dark brown accents.

Faroe Isle Cardigan - ADULT (Vamsegarn) Small - $131.75 42.5" cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - ADULT (Vamsegarn) Med. - $139.50 45.5" cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - ADULT (Vamsegarn) Large - $155.00 48" cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - ADULT (Vamsegarn) XL - $162.75 51.5" cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - CHILD (Strikkegarn) 2 T - $46.50 26" cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - CHILD (Strikkegarn) 4 T - $54.25 28"cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - CHILD (Strikkegarn) 5 - $62.00 29"cir.
Faroe Isle Cardigan - CHILD (Strikkegarn) 6 - $69.75 31"cir.

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